Rock Climbing Engagement Photos

Bouldering engagement photos

Okay! So this might be one of the most fun shoots ever! Melissa and Adam came to me with an idea… Rock climbing Engagement Photos! Living in Durango, rock climbing is a huge activity out here! I don’t have a lot of climbing experience… I went rock climbing once and let’s just say I prefer to be on the ground (lol). But that is not to say that I will never get into rock climbing/ bouldering because it is definitely something I want to enjoy and it might help me get over my fear of ropes/heights/not being on the ground! These two on the other hand are avid climbers and were so much fun hanging out with! Coming up with an idea for their engagement photos was a pretty easy one! When they pitched the idea of rock climbing engagement photos, I was instantly sold!!

Rock climbing engagement photos
Durango Engagement Photo

Ready to see the SWEETEST Rock climbing engagement photos?

Let’s bring the attention to the real climbers, Melissa and Adam! This super fun couple met through mutual climbing friends in Durango and they even go on rock climbing road trips across all different states! Isn’t that totally badass!? When we were talking about an engagement session theme, a rock climbing engagement photo session was a given! We also can’t forget Juniper, the sweetest dog! She hung out with us the entire time and honestly, she’s probably the best listening dog I’ve ever met!

Kelsey Kaplan Photo & Video F91A7899

We started the engagement session with some of the more classic photos. We were lucky enough to catch some of the fall colors still! This shoot was well into November and the orange and yellows were still hanging on! The area where we were taking photos is really familiar to all three of them, and Juniper knew exactly where to go! It was pretty cute, she actually ran ahead to their usual spot and waited for us to catch up! This was my first time photographing in this area, which is super close to the town of Durango, and it definitely did not disappoint!

After hanging out in the trees and catching some amazing lighting, we headed down the road a bit to a very well-known rock climbing area. I live a few miles from this spot and had no idea it was so close to town! Melissa and Adam gathered up their climbing gear, crash pads, some Pupperoni strips for Juniper and we headed to the boulders!

We met beforehand and they told me they wanted to keep the entire shoot really natural, fun, and super candid! I focused on that aspect a lot, especially for the climbing portion. I told them to do what they would normally do if I wasn’t there, and they absolutely understood the assignment! I thought the chalk photos were super cute so yes, we did do a bunch of those!

Kelsey Kaplan Photo & Video F91A8220
Kelsey Kaplan Photo & Video F91A8178
Kelsey Kaplan Photo & Video F91A8141
Bouldering engagement photos
Bouldering engagement photos

I love how candid this whole rock climbing engagement session was and I’m so excited for their summer wedding! They’re definitely a super fun, laid-back, and giggly couple! I love how they wanted to do something unique for their engagement photos and rock climbing was the perfect activity to relax and have some fun with!

Bouldering engagement photos

Taking about unique engagement photos brings me to another point… If you’re really nervous about getting engagement photos taken, doing an activity is a great way to relax and be totally natural! And another thought, not all Colorado engagement photos have to be in the mountains. If you and your partner met at a coffee shop, what if you take your engagement photos there? What about if you met in college? Photos of where you first met are always so special! (I’m also totally okay with jumping on a paddleboard if lake hangouts are your thing!)

There are so many photogenic spots to take photos in Durango and well the whole Southwest Colorado area for that matter! I highly suggest talking to your fiance about the overall vibe you’re going for, I have tons of recommendations for lakes, hikes, views, waterfalls, and even caves!

Bouldering engagement photos
Durango Engagement Photo
Bouldering engagement photos

Now that you’re engaged, you’re probably planning a wedding! Check out these helpful wedding planning tips! Looking for some other fun activities in Durango? Check out Visit Durango here!

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