How to Prepare for Engagement Photos!

How to prepare for engagement photos

YOU’RE ENGAGED! Now the question is, how to prepare for engagement photos? Let’s take a step back and just freak out for a second!! The love of your life just asked you to marry them… That’s so exciting and it’s time to party!!! Soak it all in, take all of the congratulations because you won’t be doing this again!

Best engagement photos

There are probably a million things going on in your head! Questions about the future, still in shock with excitement over the proposal, and how the heck do you plan a wedding!? We’re going to take things one step at a time… starting with the engagement photos!

Engagement photos are one of my favorite photo sessions because it gives us so much time to hang out, get to know each other, and laugh a lot! This will ensure we’ll all feel more comfortable on your wedding day and you can worry less about photos! Hiring the same photographer for both your engagement photos and your wedding is a great way to build trust. Also, with being the same style, your wedding photos and engagement photos will blend seamlessly! (Fun fact, engagement sessions are totally complimentary with all of my wedding packages!)

If you’re not overly excited to get your photos taken, listen up! Here are 5 fun tips and tricks to preapre for engagement photos AND have fun!!

Best engagement photos

1. What to wear!

Wear what you feel most comfortable in and what you feel represents your personality! I always tell clients to bring a few different outfits, a fancier/a date night vibe, and a more casual look. Neutral colors are always an awesome choice, and maroons, blues, and greens are a nice pop of color. If you take any advice from this blog post, let that be to please stay away from super bright colors/neons as well as overly busy patterns. The neons can give a weird discolored glow around your face and busy patterns are a bit distracting.

2. Props!

If you’re not one of those people who are jumping for joy about being in front of a camera and have no idea how to prepare for engagement photos, have no worries!! Dogs, pizza, beer, or even an activity are all great ways to help you feel relaxed during your engagement photos! I’m also here to say YES, all doggos and furry friends are welcome during my engagement sessions! When you’re distracted playing with your dog or doing pizza cheers with your favorite person, you won’t even realize you’re getting photos taken! It’s a fun way to ease into more photo taking and it’ll help you be more relaxed overall! Check out Melissa and Adam’s bouldering-themed engagement photos for inspiration.

Kelsey Kaplan Photo & Video F91A4611

3. Yes, your nails do matter.

There should be no surprise here, a ring shot is no doubt going to happen! Don’t rush out for a manicure if that’s not your thing. Two things that help me tremendously are if you could remove chipped nail polish and generally make sure your nails are clean. Guys, I’m talking to you too! I’ll spend quite a bit of time removing hang-nails and chipped polish, so doing this beforehand helps me out a lot!

Take the best engagement photos
Bouldering engagement photos

4. Location matters!

Something to take note of to have the most fun and best engagement photos is the location! Living in Colorado, there are so many different scenery options and I’ll also note how beautiful winter photos can be! Check out my most recent winter engagement shoots! Mountains, lakes, valleys, deserts, waterfalls, and even cute little towns are all some epic suggestions for engagement photos. If you met at a coffee shop in Denver, how awesome would it be to take photos at the place you first met, what about your first date? Choose a location that is meaningful to you or that you think showcases your personality!


Think of it like this. All you’re doing is hanging out in the mountains with your favorite person, laughing a lot, and making funny faces at each other! Don’t stress! Remember this is literally my job, I do this all the time and my main goal is to make you look and feel your absolute best!! Preparing for engagement photos doesn’t have to be a big ordeal and overall just having fun with it will ensure you’ll take the best engagement photos!

Take the best engagement photos

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