How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer for You!

Choose the perfect wedding photographer

There are a million wedding photographers out there… but how do you choose the perfect wedding photographer for YOU?

I think it’s so important you get along and actually enjoy being around your wedding photographer/videographer/wedding planner (or a lot of vendors for that matter) You’re going to be spending a lot of time with these people on your wedding day so making sure they’re someone you vibe with is essential!! It’s easy to look through blogs telling you what you should ask your potential wedding photographer but besides the more obvious questions like budget, and turnaround time, here is a list of a few things to look for and ask when it’s time to choose the perfect wedding photographer for YOUR big day!

1.. You love their style- Some people love dark and moody editing, some prefer the bright and airy look, and some prefer candid shots over posed. There’s no right or wrong! It’s super important to look over their past full galleries and not just the Instagram feed or highlight folders!! This is the best way to ensure their work is what you’re looking for and so you’ll know what to expect!

2. Have them run through what a typical wedding day will look like with them- Do they have an assistant or second shooter come with them? Do they show up early? Can they manage a large group of people for family photos? Do they walk up and down the aisle during the ceremony? Do they have a zoom lens and hang back or are they up close and personal the entire day? Do they take candid photos of guests? ANY questions you may have about the flow of your wedding day, ask them!! Seriously, we love all of the questions, and it’s better to ask more than not enough!

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3. Ask them how they back up the photos- Honestly this is something not many people ask me but I still tell each client this for their own piece of mind. There are plenty of different ways to secure photos, you may or may not know the technical side but I personally shoot on 2 cards at all times and then back up the photos in multiple spots for extra protection! This is something most professional wedding photographers will do regardless but it doesn’t hurt to ask how your wedding photos are protected!

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4. Ask who is editing and shooting your wedding- Some photographers hire editors or someone to photograph the wedding day while they do they do the editing. This may or may not be a concern but it’s nice to know who is showing up on the big day and who is editing the final photos so there are no surprises along the way! Will you be talking to the photographer throughout the entire process or do they work with a team you’ll be in contact with?

I’ve been photographing weddings for over 5 years and I’ve seen it all and worked with all types of people and personalities! Luckily I’ve loved every couple I’ve ever worked with! There are so many different personalities and working styles out there and I really do think it is super important to be laughing, chatting, and having a good time on the initial call or meeting with your potential wedding photographer! It’s also helpful to book a wedding photographer who offers engagement photos so that way you can all work together before the big day! Trust me, this eases so much stress and worry! Check out this article if you have any questions on preparing for an engagement session!

If you’re still looking for a laid-back, upbeat, and fun colorado wedding photographer, I would love to chat about your day! View past galleries here and reach out if you’d like to schedule a call or meet up for coffee!

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